Director: Amy Maxwell

RABC nursery is for newborn up to Pre-K. In the nursery the little ones receive a biblical lesson each Sunday and are surrounded by a loving, caring environment!

Christ Connection: Jesus saves sinners. Because of Jesus and what He has done, believers can come together as one church.

 Doctrine to Know: Unity of the Church-- Church is united as one in Him by the gospel.

Key Passage Phrase: The church has many people who help. 1 Corinthians 12:12

Big Picture Question: What is the church? The church is all Christians everywhere.

**Special Father's Day Craft: The lil ones will be putting together a big popsicle for their cool dad. They'll be giving their popsicle a fun silly face and will be painting their popsicles with washable paints. A Bible verse about Fathers will be written on it along with Happy Father's Day to the Coolest Dad😎

At RABC Nursery we think Dads Rock!🤘Dads make every day super fun, super silly, and super cool. So today we salute you dad for just being fun awesome you😎

We love our Daddies🥰

Happy Father's Day💙

💜The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him. Proverbs 20:7

Snack Time: We have changed up our snack a little bit... Now they have a mix of Cheesy Whales, Cheesy Penguins, and Cheez-Its.

We still offer them Fruit Loops Cereal, Pretzels, and Gummies (fruit or animal shapes) too. They get Apple Juice or Water to drink. Just like before your lil' ones get to choose what they want for snack and of course if your lil' one brings their own snack from home, they'll have that.

❤️God bless y'all❤️

Nursery Director

Mrs. Amy Maxwell🥰