Jerome Holman

I was born and raised in Leesburg, Florida. During my senior year in high school, I meet a beautiful young lady by the name of Celia Brown. We were married two years later. We have two daughters and one granddaughter. I joined the United States Army in 1976. My first duty station was Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Following a three-year assignment in Germany, I was assigned to Fort Hood. After 23 years of service, I retired in 1999 as a First Sergeant.


As a child, I was always in church or doing something with the church. It was in 1975 that I stopped playing Christian and became serious about my salvation. My wife and I joined Robertson Avenue Baptist Church in 1990. We have been teaching Sunday School since 1994. In 1996, I was asked to pray about being a Deacon in the church. I answered the called to service and was brought before the church to be a Deacon.  I have enjoyed my time in service as a Deacon and I am amazed to see young people grow in to Godly adults and adult Christians stand on the promises Christ.